Arrive in style on your special day

Professional wedding car hire is the answer

Cinderella had her carriage to take her to the ball. Although few of us have a spare Jaguar, Rolls Royce or Bentley in the garage that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fairytale wedding car.

With wedding car hire, you can afford the most stylish, luxurious, chauffeur driven transport. Click here for luxury car hire in London.

Bespoke wedding car hire allows the bride to feel like a princess, showing her only the best will do. And once you’re wed, hopping into a racy Porsche, Art-Deco Rolls Royce, elegant Jaguar or majestic Bentley, will make sure you start your journey into married life in style.

A Romantic Journey

The Bentley Hire a Luxury Bentley from City Inter Rent 2017is the most sought after car for couples looking for a wedding car hire service.

The car combines refinement with power and elegance with space. The distinctive design and handcrafted luxury is unmistakable. Having a calm, professional wedding car hire service will ensure you won’t feel panicked about getting to the church on time or worried about getting lost. You’ll be floating on air, sitting on luxurious leather, surrounded by elegance and beauty. What should be a classic day in your life deserves a classic car. And there’s a car to suit every couple.

You can find a wedding car hire service that deals specifically with classic cars for elegance, tradition and style. Or if you’re too cool for school, why not opt for a wedding car hire company that offers sleek sports cars? For trendy couples, a cool saloon can be the ideal choice. Visit site for more information.

Wedding Car Hire – Arriving in Style

Wedding car hire is the best way to access the most luxurious cars, beautiful inside and out. The wedding car is the last space a bride will be in before she commits herself to marriage. A slow drive to the wedding venue in sumptuous, comfortable surroundings is the perfect way to contemplate the rest of her life.

A classic car with opulent polished wood and gentle cool leather is the perfect way to ease the nerves. It’s worth keeping in mind the kind of venue you are hosting your wedding in – a classic, country church demands a classic, traditional car, blending magnificently with its surroundings to complete the fairytale wedding. What should be a timeless day demands a timeless car.

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